RevTime Dog-bone Rubber Paver 3/4 Inch Thick (pack of 20)

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Product description

• New products  are arriving, RevTime has launched a new series of garden products based on the popularity of double-ply bricks.

• Rubber paver is 3/4” thick and is ideal for garden paths, front or backyards, park trails, garages, etc.

• They are made of a high quality rubber material, are very durable, and can be used outdoors for a long time because they are weather resistant. They can be used in temperatures up to 60 down to -60 Celsius

• Installation: Measure size in advance,leaving a margin. Excess parts can be trimmed with wallpaper knife or another tool to trim the edges.

• Please do not use petroleum-based solvents such as gasoline, engine oil, thinners, etc.When cleaning, nor glues containing volatile solvents when installing.

• Be sure the ground is solid and flat before installing. Loose ground may cause unevenness in the future.

• The surface layer of the mat is made of black rubber granules and dyed pigments. The color will fade over time with use,depending on the amount of exposure to the UV of the sun, wear and rain. Friction will also cause some fading. This is to be expected.

• Products size: 200*160 mm; Thickness:3/4 Inch

• Weight: 25 lbs/pack

• Qty: 20 pcs/pack,about 5.8 sq feet


  • This interlocking rubber pave is made of a high density rubber material. It is wear-resistant and durable,had very good elasticity, and is comfortable for your feet
  • It is made of a granular material which is micro-porous. This paver is water permeable and breathable, non-slip even in the rain, and suitable for outdoor use, it’s will effectively protect young and old alike
  • Its interlocking design can be installed without adhesive in mild traffic areas, has good stability, and can be expanded indefinitely, covering large areas. You can DIY them as you need or desire.
  • The paving effect is beautiful with bright colors. The classic dog-bone pattern is easy to maintain. It does not need special maintenance. Once damaged, you can easily replace the single paver without affecting the overall appearance.
  • They are very easy to install even if you have no construction experience.


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