We ship to any home or business within the United States (not inlcuding Hawaii, Alasika and ilands). Small orders ship FedEx or UPS ground. Orders over 500 lbs. ship LTL. You’ll receive a tracking number before delivery so you can see where your order is at any time.

The products isn’t exactly a lightweight product, which is why it can cost a pretty penny to ship. We keep our product prices as low as possible to offset shipping rates, ensuring that you get the best deal.

How is Shipping Cost Calculated?
Our shipping rates depend on two things: the weight of your order and the distance it has to travel. The heavier your product is and the further it has to travel to get to your address, the higher the shipping rate will be.

Plenty of our products come with free shipping. These are typically lightweight products, like carpet or foam tiles, or items that can be shipped in smaller boxes. If paying for shipping isn’t your thing, be sure to look for our products that have the Free Shipping icon.

What to Expect When Your Order is Delivered
You will receive a phone call 24 hours before your order is expected to be delivered. Someone needs to be present at the time of delivery to inspect the shipment and sign off on it. If you ordered curbside delivery, know that the driver will not load the shipment to your home or doorstep but will be leaving it at the edge of your residence.

Return Shipping
We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your product. Learn about our return/exchange policy and how to qualify for a refund.