RevTime Interlocking Rubber Tile 20x20x3/8 Inch (6 packs)

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Product description

• New product!The thickness of 10mm (3/8 inch) doubles the previous products with a 5mm thickness.You can install to any size and any shape if you like.

•& nbsp ;It is made of solid rubber material,non-foaming, non-PVC, and is more durable. Toxin Free. Odor free. The tiles can be widely used as a gym floor, exercise floor, yoga mat, equipment mat,treadmill mat,garage floor, underlay for wood floor, underlay for carpet, cushion pad, pickup pad, etc.

It is easy to replace, if one of them is damage. Just remove and replace. After replacement, it will not affect the overall appearance.

—Both surfaces have the same design, so you can install it in any way. You also use another surface if one surface gets too worn.

—It is easy to clean, with simple household cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, rags, etc. But don’t use petroleum-based solvents.

—When ordering: Please measure the size in advance, leaving a margin. Excess parts can be trimmed with wallpaper knife or other tool to trim the edges

• One piece dimensions :500x500x10 mm.(20″x20″x3/8″).

• Weight:5.0 lbs per piece(2.3kgs/pc).


  • These multi-purpose interlocking rubber mats 500 x 500mm, 10mm thickness, made of real rubber, black SBR and blue EPDM raw materials, black mats dotted with blue specks and are super durable.
  • They are made in a classic interlocking design. It is easy to do a DIY project with them even if you haven’t any experience. You can outfit a large area,such as a gym floor, in a short time.
  • Its 10mm (3/8 “) thickness has exceptional cushioning properties.It provides protection for your knees and joints, along with less abrasion, and has unmatched durability.It can protect the floor when you are exercising with heavy equipment. 4)Its non-slip rubber matting surface has fine pores. Getting the mat wet with water or sweat does not diminish its non-slip properties.
  • It is easy to disassemble, replace,clean,and store. It takes up less storage space than other mats.


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