RevTime Easy-DIY Ultra Thick Interlocking Outdoor Rubber Tiles 20″ x 20″ x 1-3/4” (500x500x45mm) (Green) (2 pcs)


  • This interlocking rubber tile is made of high density rubber. It is wear-resistant, ultra durable, and has very good elasticity. The anti-impact, anti-slip, anti-fatigue surface is shock absorbing so your feet and legs will still feel great after a long day of play/work
  • Made of a granular material which is micro-porous, the tile is water permeable and breathable. Non-slip even in the rain makes it perfect for outdoor use
  • DIY – The easy snap-in design with Pole-connecting plastic pegs can be installed quickly and without adhesive
  • These shock absorbing pavers come in bright colors to create a space that is safe and beautiful. Maintenance is a breeze, since no special care is needed. If a single tile is ever damaged, it can easily be replaced
  • Many uses: playgrounds, sport fields, gym, trampoline, perimeters, household equipment vibration/noise reduction, audio equipment, home party area


Create a safe anti-impact area anywhere you please

New ultra duty products have arrived and are available for home, commercial, or industrial use.

These tiles are super thick at 1-3/4″ they will absorb energy from any type of high impact activity.

RevTime has been designing and developing new ideas for more than ten years you can use our products with confidence.

We always use high quality materials so everything we make is ultra durable.

These tiles are designed to be weather resistant so they can be left outdoors year round; even in the Hot summer sun, winter frost and blistering cold.

Installation: Please measure the area before ordering pavers. Calculate the quantity, taking into account that the rubber has elasticity, and some stretching/shrinking may occur. It’s best to plan out the area in advance. Place the tiles in your desired location before final installation. Check for variances to make sure its a perfect fit. Be sure the ground is solid and flat before final installation. Loose ground may cause unevenness in the future.

Do not use petroleum-based solvents such as gasoline, engine oil, thinners, etc. when cleaning.

Do not use glue containing volatile solvents during installation.

Made of rubber granules and dyed pigments.

Naturally, some color will fade over time depending on the amount of sun, rain, and overall use.


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